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Our nursery offers an assortment of plants from ground covers and ornamental grasses to new perennial introductions that will enhance your borders and containers. You will also find a large selection of conifers; shade trees, specimen trees; and a wide variety of deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs.



Here at McAuliffe’s, we grow many of the trees that we sell here on our farm. We offer a varied selection of specimen trees that are proven in our Northwest growing conditions.



While we grow a large number of hedging shrubs in our fields, we also have a significant selection of traditional and unique shrubs, ranging in size, and all that are hardy to our area.



We are very proud of the varieties of conifers that we offer here at the nursery. Conifers are trees and shrubs that are evergreen, have needle-like or scaled leaves, and produce cones.


We have an abundance of colorful seasonal annuals available that we feature both at the front of our barn and back in our Shade House. Annuals complete their lifecycle within a year and do not come back the following year.


We offer a beautiful selection of spring blooming bulbs to plant in the fall or purchase pre-potted in full bloom in the spring.


We have a diverse assortment of common and uncommon edibles, along with many organic options. We stock fruit trees and shrubs as well as a delicious selection of berries and fruiting vines. Seasonal fruits and veggies, along with culinary and medicinal herbs, are also a staple in our edible area.

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Ornamental grasses are a great way to add graceful texture and movement to your landscape and containers. We offer both annual, perennial, and evergreen varieties that come in all sorts of colors and sizes.


As the name implies, groundcovers are low-growing plants that cover the ground. Whether dense shade or hot sun, flowering, berry producing, or evergreen, we have an ample assortment of groundcovers to meet your needs.


In general, perennials are plants that thrive in the warm season, die back in the cold season, and come back year after year. Some perennials are dormant during the spring and summer and put on their show during the cooler months, and some perennials don’t die back all the way when they go dormant. We have a wide variety of perennials available during the growing seasons in front of our barn and in our Shade House.


We carry a high quality, unique assortment of seeds from Botanical Interests. Stop by the nursery to see our selection. Our knowledgeable staff can help with when to start your flowers and crops by seed in our area.


Whether you want to go classic or whimsical, you will find choice topiaries suitable for container gardening or landscape accents. An assortment of different varieties, shapes, and sizes are available.


Here at the nursery we have a beautiful selection of evergreen, deciduous, flowering, and fruiting vines. Whether for utilitarian purposes or simply beauty, stop by the nursery to see what climbing wonder will work best for you!

Hanging Baskets and Container Arrangements Hanging Baskets

Beautiful hanging baskets and festively decorated containers are created seasonally and available year-round here at the nursery. Custom designed container arrangements are also available upon request.

A Few Brands We Carry

Botanical Interests Seeds


“At Botanical Interests our goal is to inspire and educate the gardener in you so that you can create beautiful and prolific gardens.” Botanical Interests has taken seed buying to a whole new level by providing a high quality seed in a unique and artfully crafted packet that is bountiful with sowing and growing information, both inside and out. They have a passion for sharing gardening knowledge, facts, tips, and even recipes with each seed packet they produce, helping gardeners, new and mature alike, to be successful and enjoy their gardening endeavors. “I like to say that we’re a gardening education company that just happens to sell seeds,” Curtis [founder] says, “Our packets are like mini-encyclopedias, full of information to inspire and assist every type of gardener.”



Deliciously Beautiful Plants. The Brazelton family has spent the last two decades perfecting this fantastic line of fruiting plants that are easy to grow, have sensational flavor, produce a bountiful harvest, and are specifically for the home gardener. These one-of-a-kind berry plants have the hardy gumption of a fruit producer yet the “exquisite ornamental qualities” to make it suitable as a decorative patio container or landscape specimen. Berries are no longer to be limited to your edible garden space. “Today, personal health, sustainability, family fun, and bringing natural beauty into our homes are cornerstones of holistic living, and the plants we buy should be no exception.”

David Austin Roses

DavidAustinRosesDavid Austin Roses is a family business that began in 1969 whose English Roses have caused quite “a stir in the horticultural world” and have received many awards in countries all over the world. “After fifty years of intensive breeding, David Austin’s English Roses combine the forms and fragrances of old roses with the repeat-flowering of modern roses.” These roses offer the everyday gardener an opportunity to grow an easy, healthy rose that is reliable and easy to care for, and is magnificent to behold.

Encore Azalea


Encore Azaleas are the world’s best-selling re-blooming azalea, providing season after season of bright, brilliant blooms. This low-maintenance shrub has been available to the public for over 15 years and has proven to be more sun tolerant and cold hardy that the typical azalea. As the only patented brand of azalea to bloom through three seasons, Encore Azaleas kick off their performance in the spring. This first blooming cycle is followed up with a new set of buds that open mid-summer and put on a terrific show until colder weather settles in. A wonderfully unique addition to the Northwest landscape.

Endless Summer Hydrangeas

EndlessSummerHydrangeasEndless Summer Hydrangeas offer everything the traditional hydrangea offers, and so much more. Voluptuous blooms that have a wide range of colors and have the unique ability to perform season after season. Taking the world of these perennial shrubs by storm, these best-selling re-blooming hydrangeas have the ability to put out a greater number of vivid blooms, repeatedly, from spring all the way through fall. The secret . . . they bloom on both new and old growth, making these hydrangeas low-maintenance, very cold hardy, and extremely versatile in the landscape. Blooming 10–12 weeks longer than the average hydrangea, these plants are sure to be a true showstopper in your garden.



Cultivate the organic taste and lifestyle in your garden with Organiks. Non-GMO and GEO free, every step of producing these plants—”seeds, soils, fertilizers, pest control, harvesting, and distribution—meets the highest standards of environmental responsibility.” Packed in either biodegradable containers or rEarth pots made 100% recycled from water bottles, these certified organic plants are rich in flavor and available seasonally here at McAuliffe’s Valley Nursery.

Proven Winners

ProvenWinnersBe confident in what you plant with tried and true selections from Proven Winners. Teaming up with some of the world’s top plant breeders, Proven Winners ensures a collection of plant varieties that are not only gorgeous, but are also low-maintenance, healthy, and unique. Fill your garden with vigorous blooms that are sure to impress all season long.

Sunset Western Garden Collection


Sunset magazine and Plant Development Services have teamed up to bring you the Sunset Western Garden Collection. “The first plant collection designed specifically for the Western gardener.” Partnering with local growers, this group has been able to introduce plants that specifically surpass the climatic conditions of our regions in Washington, Oregon, and California. Look for their bright green containers and informative plant tags when you shop at our nursery.

Weeks Roses

WeeksRosesLogo2Founded in 1938, Weeks Wholesale Rose Grower, Inc. became known as the “Tops in Roses” due to their reputation for having high standards and integrity. Throughout the U.S., they are known for their detail to personal service and their fine quality roses. Shipping out over four million bareroot roses from December through February, Weeks Roses are carefully stored and transported in temperature controlled environments so that they are happy and healthy when they arrive at our nursery. Hybrid Teas, Grandifloras, Floribundas, Rugosas, Climbers, and Miniatures, there is the perfect one (or a few) for every garden.

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